Robin Anderson, Jill of Musical Trades!

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I’m Robin. I’m a teacher of voice, piano, and sometimes cognitive therapy, it seems.  I run a studio of said skills out of my humble-yet-updated mid-70’s home.  I direct a church choir full of really sincere warblers and also show insecure college students how not to suck at life.  I live a vicarious broadway persona by directing and performing in musicals. I sing all sorts of A-B-and-C-list stuff in their various, respective capacities. In former times, I was a middle-school choral director (read: basic life skills coach and low-grade drama intervention specialist) and an artist relations coordinator (read:glorified cab driver), among other things.

I’m a coloratura soprano, but unlike most, I’ve got my life together and know my stuff…for the most part. I don’t profess to have all the answers. Like my voice and my hamstrings, I’m flexible with what I do and try to reach as many people through as many forms of music as possible. I totally enjoy my life, and just want to help other music teachers and musicians do the same…while keeping my cursing in check, but I can’t promise anything…